Frequent questions

Frequent questions

Tick the VAT invoice box when booking the transfer.

Payments prepaid for discount prices are not refunded.

If paid in cash, the booking can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the transfer’s departure. The full price is the transfer is to be paid if you cancel within 24 hours before the transfer’s departure. 

Payments prepaid for discount prices are not refunded but if the cancellation is justified the booking can be transferred to another date.

A short text message (SMS) is sent between 20:00 and 21:00 in the evening of the day before the departure to passengers to be transferred from Brussels to an airport. 

E-mails are sent about all bookings and the completion of their processing, and also about registration, invoices and promotions. 

DOOR-TO-DOOR transfers arrive at the airport 80 to 140 minutes before the flight’s departure. In PRIVATE transfer the passenger decides the time of transfer departure. Consequently, the time of arrival depends on the passenger.

The door-to-door transfer car will be at your address at the time indicated in the short text message (SMS) sent to your phone the evening before departure. Should the car be delayed more than 10 minutes, you will receive notification.

Yes! The door-to-door transfer car gets to your address as close as possible to the time indicated in the SMS you receive the evening before departure. Therefore, it is advisable for you to wait outside your house. The driver will not ring the doorbell, nor will he knock at your door. If the passenger does not turn up in 10-15 minutes, the car leaves! In VIP transfer, upon the passenger’s prior request, the driver rings the passenger’s phone.

Because Easy Transport provides collective taxi and limousine taxi services, which are categorised as pre-booked services.

If your booking is cancelled by Easy Transport, you will be notified in an e-mail. If you are only a little late, you will receive a notice by e-mail. In case of collective transfer, if you do not transfer the fee but use the transfer you lose the discount.

No, you cannot pat by debit car or credit card either at your address or at the destination.

For PayPal payments you need a PayPal account with the right amount of money. The PayPal fee is 5%. 

The car will come to pick you up at the address you provide when booking. At the airport it is not the car but the driver who will be meeting you with an Easy Transport sign.

The driver will be there to meet you at Charleroi airport, on the “Arrivals” side by exit 4 in front of the Leonidas chocolate booth. He will be holding a sign that says “Easy Transport”. At Brussels airport and other airports the driver will be standing on the “Arrivals” side, holding a sign that says “Easy Transport”.

The door-to-door transfer car picks passengers up 150 to 250 minutes before the flight’s departure. A short text message (SMS) is sent to passengers between 20:00 and 21:00 in the evening of the day before the departure. In VIP transfer the passenger decides the time of transfer departure. 

Click the icon of Charleroi airport, select the date (in the case of door-to-door transfer minimum one week before departure), then click the tab “TRANSFER REQUEST” (Booking transfer), from the list of the types of transfer select “Door-to-door” transfer and then provide the data requested.

“Easy Transport” is written well visibly on Easy Transport’s vehicles.

Door-to-door transfer is an ecological service to transport you “from the door” of your home “to the entrance of the airport” or vice verse. This collective transfer service is based on the principle that the service provider distributes the transfer costs among several passengers, allocating seats in the vehicle. In this service you share the ride with other passengers, on a preliminarily planned route, picking up passengers from or transferring them to several addresses. Based on their bookings, passengers are met at Charleroi airport and are then transferred to their preliminarily specified addresses, or we collect passengers in Brussels and transfer them to Charleroi airport. In this type of service, the provider determines the time of picking up each passenger and also the route.

Door-to-door transfer is available from Brussels to Charleroi or Charleroi to Brussels for two persons and up. If you book transfer for two persons, we make the flight information visible to the public to offer the possibility for others potential passengers to use the transfer service to that flight. We transfer passengers door to door for as little as €22/person. 

To make it possible for other passengers to use the service, door-to-door transfer is to be booked 1 week before the flight’s departure at the latest. The sooner you book the service the more discount you receive. 

Discount Club now offers a wide range of discounts on travel and related services. Easy Transport Club members enjoy a 15% discount for door-to-door transfer (€18, shared transfer services) and 10% to any private transfer.

The ET Club membership is valid for 1 year.


“Other types of transfer” are all transfers to places other than airports, between tow or more addresses. These types of service are also available for anyone.

When the booking is made we check the data, and if we find everything in order, the approval includes sending the invoice to the e-mail address of the person who booked the service. Please do not forget to indicate the invoice number (Facture Wxxxx) for us to be able to match it with your booking.

PRIVATE transfer (private taxi car or minibus) is a service to any airport within a 150 km radius around Brussels, to be booked 24 hours before departure at the latest. In PRIVATE transfer you (and those travelling with you) are the only passenger(s), therefore, you can decide the time of departure to the airport.