Travel conditions

Travel Terms of Shuttle Service







Supplier: ETcar sprl. TVA BE 0711762244, Avenue Herbert Hoover 212, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert



1. According to the Belgian laws the supplier offers passenger travel services between Bruxelles and a given airport, by transporting passengers on public road outside schedule., operating as shared-ride service.

2. The driver and the vehicle complies with the effective regulations and all the necessary licenses for passenger transport., exam and taxi license also.  

3. All the applicable tariffs are published on his website 

4. A placed order is available for one way or return. The  rout is choosen by the driver.

5. An order should be placed  latest 24 ours before due time. Orders within 24 hours before due time, an order can be placed only by phone ( the acceptance depending on available capacity).

6. Only orders confirmed by us are considered fulfilled. Automatic  e-mail messages about orders cannot be mistaken with confirmations, only as guidance about successful application.

7. The order can be modified or declined free of charge 24 hours before the planned time of travel, if the cash payment was choose, if the cancellation is within 24 hours,  the whole amount of fare must be paid. If the placed order is with discount and the payment was done by  bank transfer, the customer may cancel the booking, the provider is not required to reimburse the discount price of the shuttle transfer.

8. The provider needs to be informed about the passenger’s mobile phone number, e-mail address and the precise departure and arrival address. Can not be taken any responsibility for unfulfilled transport due to the absence of the above mentioned information or mistaken information.

9. The traveling time  between Bruxelles and the Charleroy airport depending on the road conditions and season is 45-60 minutes on average, so departure time is adjusted to this. Arrival to the airport is 1 hour before closing gates.

10. On departure there can be smaller shifts to original adjustment due to the uptake of more passengers. In case of more than a 10- minute-delay the clients are informed on telephone. 

11. There are 10 minutes available for starting the journey. The driver cannot be obliged to look for the passenger. If the passenger is not at the given place and is not available on the phone the order is considered fulfilled and the fare must be paid. 

12. The supplier sustains its right to select the passengers. (for example if the passenger is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, or his/her clothing or luggage is dirty, or the passenger suffers from contagious illness.)

13. The client should take into consideration the delay or in some cases the cancellation of the transportation as a result of unpredictable happenings (for example: unexpected technical error, accident, extreme weather conditions, road work). The supplier assumes to do everything to solve problems, but in case of reasons beyond its powers does not assume the responsibility for the damages.

14. If technical error is due to  the supplier’s fault, it must- without any delay, on its own expenses- take steps to offer further transportation to the client, if catching the plane is still possible.

15. The supplier is responsible for the damages to the passenger or to their luggage during transportation. The supplier has insurance for his responsabilities.

16. In case the vehicle of the supplier is damaged or is made dirty by the passenger, he/she needs to pay for the occurring costs.

17. The departure times are calculated so that the passenger can reach the flight on time even if there are delays of 40-50 minute.

18. In case the transportation cannot be done, fact due to the supplier’s fault, the client can ask for compensation, the sum of which cannot go beyond five times the fare.

19. On arrival, in case of passengers arriving with different flights, with some difference between them, there can be a one hour- awaiting time.

20. The supplier lets its passengers know where exactly the vehicle will wait for them.

21. Our actual prices refer to inside Bruxelles. Departure points outside the above mentioned territory cannot be fulfilled in all cases, and if it is possible extra charges are required. These prices are agreed upon with the client in advance.

22. The booking by the passenger is fulfilled if  the cost of transport is paid by bank transfer, according to the actual prices, shown on the website.

23. The passenger can have such luggage which complies with the airport regulations.

24. The supplier is not responsible for the goods forgotten in the vehicle.

25. The unusual luggage (for example: bicycle, dog, big musical instrument, etc) should be announced in advance. The cost of such a luggage is 15 Euros in plus. Dogs can be transported under the weight of 10 kilos, in a cage, with muzzle, under control.




Contracting process


The order can be placed by:

  • Online, on webbsit:


  • In cash, directly to the driver
  • By bank transfer ( Please ensure that the payment is done one day before travel date, otherwise your order can be canceled)


The shuttle service availability terms:

  • Less than 16 years old, but traveling with companion
  • You are in good condition for traveling
  • You baggage is as you stated, or less
  • The transport of live animals only with a written forecast can take place!
  • Online oredering can be done only by adults, and the datas should correspond to reality



In the vehicle is prohibited the transport of the followings:

  • Dangerous materials as: flammable, corrosive, toxic, radioactive, etc.
  • Arms, stabbing and cutting devices (except protective case equipped with locked in the boot).
  • Objects that disgust in others.
  • Objects that could endanger the physical safety of other passengers, the vehicle may damage or stain.
  • The object is not fit in the car to its shape, volume or is inherently unsuitable. 



How to order:

A) Selection of flight on arrival or departure date (for the relevant airport, Belgium), log in, register or order without registering, giving basic information, then click on the Send icon.

B) For PayPal payment:

After placing an order, you will get an answer on the email address, given as contact. The supplier processing your order and confirming it. This confimation including detailed information about your order and the number of transaction for PayPal payment. This number is your identification number, which can be required by the driver. 

If customer misses the date of the flight or place the provider disclaims all responsibility!



The provider always sending a written confirmation of the canceling by email.

If the provider receives a late notification of the resignation and vehicle is alredy started the route, the provider consider the service as fulfilled, and the refund claim is not accepted.

The service is available for the above conditions. When ordering, the passanger  agree the above terms. The conditions under which the customer accepts the travel service occurs when notes and signing the acknowledgment. 



Data Privacy Regulations

   The internet user accessing the website does so anonymously and is not registered by us for any online service. The user remains anonymous throughout his search through all information on the Website, and at no point are his personal details registered for any online service. We do, however, use user identifiers (cookies) on our websites to collect information on the website use, such as the server to which the user’s computer is connected, the browser type (e.g. Firefox or Internet Explorer) and how the potential customer became aware of ETcar. We use such information solely to assist us in improving our marketing policies, and the personal details of the Internet user are not included in the data capture. In response to a potential customer’s request for a transfer quote, we may ask the customer to provide personal details, including email address and credit card details for purposes such as correspondence, website registration, and eventual settlement of agreed charges. We may also use such details to contact the customer with offers which may be of interest. Once the interlocutor of our website becomes a customer, we may use the details provided during the booking process to offer appropriate future promotions and offers. By entering into a contract with us, you tacitly authorize ETcar to use your personal information to carry out the requested service, to ensure accurate billing for the service, and to use the details provided to aid us in targeting further services of possible interest to you. Such offers would be sent to your email address and may be based on the information provided to us in the initial operation, in surveys, from information that may specify purchase preferences and lifestyle as well as information available from authorized external sources such as Transport Operators and marketing companies. These email offers come directly from us and are sent in a format which is compatible to the information recovered from the customer’s email address (HTML, enriched graphics etc.). The personal details captured are stored in automated files safeguarded by us.  We may also use such information for the general purpose of measuring consumer response to and satisfaction in the services offered. Although we do not divulge a customer’s email address to Transport Operators we may act as an intermediary by forwarding email offers from such third parties. In the event that an individual becomes a customer of such a third party then that third party Transport Operator might independently send the individual details of his promotions etc. Should an individual wish to cease receiving such emails he must contact the third party directly to this effect. Our objective is to facilitate receipt of a third-party Transport Operator’s promotional information of specific interest to a customer, and such contact would be subject to the strictest controls concerning the security and confidentiality of customers’ personal details. A simple request by email to the Company would ensure the cessation of such activity if you so desired. Alternatively, you can follow the procedure outlined on our website and on all offers sent by email. In accordance with current legislation, we undertake to provide you with details of any personal information which may be held by us whenever requested. If you believe that the information held by us is in any way incorrect or incomplete, you should send a written notification to ETcar∂, Customer care, Av. Herbert Hoover 212, 1200 Woluwe Saint Lambert, Belgium. Such errors will be rectified at once by the Company. You may likewise send a written request for cancellation or to lodge an objection. Your attention is hereby drawn to the fact that other Internet sites accessed through our website may have conditions of confidentiality which differ from those of this company. We hereby refute all liability with regard to the content or conditions included in any other linked or affiliated website. Should we make any alterations to the company’s internet policy on customer confidentiality, such changes will be identified in these Terms, thus enabling you to be fully informed and in a position to react accordingly. Opt out of Google Analytics and other tracking tools we use In our DPD you find an overview on all tracking tools we are using on our website and the exact way to switch each tracking tool off.

   Only people above 16 years of age can register on the website and only people above that age can make online transfer orders here. To any third party, such as transfer partner companies, we only provide data that are indispensable for carrying out the transfer: the passenger’s title, address of transport destination, time of transfer, flight information, number of passengers, amount of luggage and child seats (if any). Other personal data, such as email address, phone numbers, etc. we handle with full confidentiality and do not provide to any third party. Personal data are stored on a securely closed server of the server park we rent. These data are accessible solely to our company, and the files are stored with high level protection.     

   Logging on to our website, customers can find all the data we store about them in the “My account” section of the menu. Customers are free to change and/or erase these data. When an account is deleted, all the personal data suitable for identifying the customer are also deleted. We keep statistical and invoicing information, such as the number of passengers, the date of the transfer, amount of luggage, etc. Under the relevant Belgian law, the data of the customer and the data provided when signing in are printed and stored in a securely closed facility. After expiry, the printed data are also destroyed using a secure professional method.


Valid from 01.01.2019, until withdrawn.